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The 2024 Cottonwood Classic Important Information
The Cottonwood Classic sign-up day is fast approaching, and the committee wanted to make sure everyone is on the same page if you plan on signing up and playing in this marque event for 2024. Due to the popularity of this event and the goal of giving every golf member an equal chance to sign up, we hope you understand the rules in place:
Date of Sign Up: April 12, 2024 (Friday) at 2:00 p.m.
Date of the 2024 Cottonwood Classic: June 13, 14 and 15
Location of Sign Up: Sign up will be conducted at the front entrance of the club

Entry fee and refund information:
Entry fee for the event will be $1,450.00
Betting and players pool entry is not included ($250)
NO REFUND unless we can fill your spot off the waiting list.You are welcome to arrive for the sign up at any time that day to secure your spot. We will take the first 72 teams and a waiting list will be started after that. There will be a representative from the Golf Shop staff at the front entrance to document your name and spot on the sign up list. You are welcome to play golf if the weather co-operates. All tee times can be made one week in advance like normal through Fore Tees or by calling the golf shop. Remember, once you enter the property to sign up, you MUST NOT leave the property until the sign up is finished. This includes anyone who might be filling in for you. Spouses included, no swapping out.

If you are unable to attend the sign up, you can find the following person to fill in for you:
· A golf member who is NOT playing in the event
· The golf member cannot be a "dependent" (no children)
· Each membership is entitled to sign up two members (there must a member present for both)
Ex. - Golf member Joe Smith is playing in the event, his spouse would be able to sign up 1 other player (they both must attend)
Ex. - Golf member John Clark is not playing and both he and his spouse attend the sign up - they could sign up two players

We do have a few members who are out of town that day so if you would be willing to help them out and be here for the sign up day we can get you in touch with them.

You will be able to start posting scores locally (played in Nebraska) on March 15, 2024.
*For all tournament events this year we will be using your handicap as of the day before the event except for the following events:
-Cottonwood Classic – 1 week before events starts
-Ladies Crystal Cup
-Club Championship
-Senior Member Guest “SAG”
Education 101 – Max score on any hole is Net Double Bogey
Par + 2 + any handicap shots you might receive on the hole
Any rounds you may have played down south or in an area of the country that does not have an “off season” should be posted (the day you played). You may go to, the Fore Tees Internet Home Page (Handicap Tab) or and post your score online. A quick way to post your score is to use the GHIN App on your phone. Please download this app before the season starts! It is your responsibility to post all your scores (the same day you played the round) so that your handicap is a true reflection of your ability. Please call the golf shop if you have any questions or need help posting your scores.

The following scores will be considered as a “Tournament Score/Competition Score” by the Handicap Committee during the 2024 season:
  • Men’s Singles Match Play Championship Flight
  • Men’s “Gauntlet” Match Play event
  • Men’s “Blue Buckle” Stroke Play event
  • Cottonwood Classic
  • Ladies Crystal Cup
  • Men’s and Ladies Stroke Play/Senior
  • Member/Member
  • Champions Cup
  • Men’s Senior Member Guest
Posting Scores Using Hickory Shafted Clubs
If you plan on playing in tournaments at Champions Run this season and sometimes play with both modern day equipment and hickory shafted clubs in daily play, you MUST have two handicaps. Please post scores when playing modern day equipment to your existing handicap number and post all scores using hickory shafted clubs to a different number so that scores can be kept separate. Please ask the golf shop staff to assist you if needed.

The Golf Rules and Regulations will be coming out this month in the roster or on the website. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules for 2024. The better educated everyone is about the policies of the club, the more enjoyable the atmosphere will be. The Tournament Calendar for 2024 is included in this newsletter. We will be directing you more to the website and Fore Tees in the coming months for club tournament information and sign up.

Are you in the Hole in One Club? Make sure you check the sheet posted in the locker rooms. If your name is on the list and you are fortunate enough to get a hole in one at Champions Run, you will receive a nice credit on your statement and golf shop credit to spend how you wish. Please call the golf shop or stop by to learn the details. If you’re not in, you can’t win!

Season Long Cart Plan
Do you like to ride when playing at Champions Run? Check out the season long cart plan! Single pass is $1,250 and Couples Pass (Spouse only) is $2,000. Unlimited use of cart March 1st – December 31st of 2024. Sign up with Greg in the Golf Shop.

Merchandise for the 2024 season will be hitting the door starting around the middle of the month. We are very excited about the new products for this year and there will be plenty of demos and fitting carts to use. We are proud to carry the following lines this year:

Titleist, Taylor Made, Callaway, Cobra, Ping, PXG and Cleveland / Srixon.

These club lines will make up the majority of inventory and demos in the golf shop this season. We unfortunately cannot carry all the club lines that are available that you might find in the discount stores. This does not mean we can’t find what you want. We have a great relationship with the local discount stores to utilize their inventory or call the company representative to get the product YOU want in your hands. This year is exciting in that we have five fitting wood/iron carts on site at Champions Run. No other club in the area can boast that line up of fitting equipment. We also use the Fore Sight Launch monitor to provide accurate information at no additional cost to your purchase.

I’d like to thank all who have decided to get involved with the golf programs for 2024. We will have our first golf/greens committee meeting this month and everyone is excited about getting the season started.

Golf Committee Chairman – Matt Clure (Board Member)
Men’s Events/Interclub – Jordan Arens
Grounds – Greg Jones (Golf Course Superintendent)
Ladies Events – Courtney Mann
Handicap – Travis Flodine
Member/Guest & Member/Member – Colin Schroeder

Each committee chair will have other members helping them throughout the season and giving feedback to the staff. If there is an area of the golf program you would like to express your views, please contact the chairman or email the website. We would be glad to forward any ideas that you may have to enhance the event schedule.

Champions Run Practice Area Policy
The staff and ownership at Champions Run are committed to providing the highest quality practice area conditions for the membership and their guests.

Short game area and putting greens:
The small putting green will be a no chipping/pitching area. The large putting green can be used for chipping (no pitching). The short game area can be used for pitching/sand/chipping practice.
Signage will be provided explaining proper divot pattern when practicing.
*Dress code must be followed when using the driving range!!!!!!

Driving Range:
The driving range will be closing early on Thursday nights and opening later on Friday mornings. This will create an additional maintenance time frame for the range tee and landing area. This will ensure an extra range tee topdressing and mowing with the goal being to greatly enhance the hitting surface. The closing and opening times will be adjusted through the season based on sunrise and sunset. Please refer to the main page on Fore Tees and click on “Driving Range Schedule” to view the entire range opening and closing times for the season. The range tee is divided into four hitting areas (2 hitting areas on top tee and 2 hitting areas on bottom tee). These hitting areas will have 15 stations open to use and defined by roped areas. All practice will be confined to the area that is currently set up for that day. You will be asked not to move to different hitting areas that are not set up for practice. Signage will be provided explaining divot pattern expectation when practicing to assist the grounds crew in maintaining a quality hitting surface.

All practice areas are open to Champions Run golf members, their guests and those Social members who have paid for the yearly range plan. Guests are not allowed to use the practice areas unless accompanied by a member. The staff will be monitoring these areas to ensure member only usage by asking or looking for member identification. Those who do not have bag storage are encouraged to stop at the Golf Shop and pick up a Champions Run bag tag to identify yourself as a member.
Thank you for your support and we will be working to provide the highest quality product in 2024!

Thanks for making us feel welcome at Champions Run. Please call the golf shop if you have any questions about the programs this year at the club.

Greg, Jon, Dawn, Mike, Brad, Mitch, Gabby & Anthony – Your PGA Staff